Show Your True Colours With Betabrand Gay Jeans

Gay Jeans – New Technology or a Fad?

A new fashion technology has hit the US but is it a fantastic new fashion or a clever gimmick aiming to make money from the LGBT community? The technology I am referring to is  Betabrand ‘Gay Jeans’. 

The idea behind these jeans is really clever. Over time the jeans give you two different looks, when they are new they appear to look like standard denim jeans but once washed several times rainbow coloured threads start to appear.

Gay Jeans are the invention of Steven B. Wheeler the lead fashion designer of Betabrand. He wanted to take the regular 5-pocket denim jeans which have quite a masculine look and transform them into a quirky and fun must-have. The  phrase “coming out” is used excessively in promoting the jeans, as its technically what the coloured threads do! Everything about these jeans from the design to the marketing is clearly cementing this product to the gay community. The Gay Jeans are on sale at Betabrand for around $90 and 10% of the sales go to sf-center a LGBT community centre in San Francisco.

How They Work

Gay Jeans

The way Gay Jeans work is the jeans original dark Denim colour is dyed with a weak indigo dye, designed to gradually fade away. The threads underneath are dyed in strong dyes designed to remain bright for a long time.  So in theory you could design a pair of jeans that has grey threads underneath and an original dark Denim colour on top. 

The idea and technology behind these jeans is fantastic, but is it just a fad? We will have to wait and see if it catches on. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Corby Taylor