Church of Scotland Vote to Ordain Gay Ministers

Scottish vote splits church in two

The General Assembly of the Church of Scotland gathered yesterday to debate changing church law by ordaining gay ministers. The ordaining of gay ministers has been a controversial topic for the Scottish Church since 2009 when select members of the General Assembly tried to block  Rev. Scott Rennie in his poisoning at Aberdeen’s Queen’s Cross Church. At The General Assembly of 2011 a vote was passed allowing both gay and lesbian ministers to continue working with the church if they were ordained as a minister before 2009 and above all, declared their sexuality.

Church of Scotland

Yesterday another vote took place. The vote was on allowing gay or lesbians to be ordained as ministers. The vote was passed with 369 votes in support of gay ministers eith 189 voting against. Now 46 Presbyteries will hold further discussion and start a new drafting of church legislation. The final decisions will be made in May 2015.

This decision has split the Scottish in two with a group of ministers who believe that being gay or lesbian is immoral making this statement after the vote:

 The Assembly formally affirmed the Church’s historic and current doctrine and practice in relation to human sexuality but then – with no apology for the blatant contradiction – chose to set that aside by agreeing to allow anyone in a civil partnership to apply to train as a minister or deacon. The Assembly has once again chosen to put the so-called ‘peace and unity’ of the Church, which is clearly lacking, before its duty to be a Church that honours the Word of God, which is contained in the Scriptures of the Old and New Testament, as its supreme rule of faith and life.

I personally believe that the bible teaches us to love one another and to be good and kind. it also teaches to treat others the way you would like to be treated. Why do people focus on minute parts of the scriptures that loosely talk about homosexuality instead of looking at the bigger picture. If God wants you to be just, kind and loving to everyone then that means everyone, gay or straight. Scottish ministers definitely need a re-think on their hate.

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Corby Taylor