Dattch: a review of the new all female dating app

Does the release of ‘Dattch’ fill a much needed hole in the lesbian and bisexual dating community?

Lucky for us Brits, Daatch has been around for a little while, however the all female dating app has just been launched in San Fransisco, USA.

lesbian and bi dating app

Dattch is available to download for free on the app store

Created by Robyn Exton, a woman from Toronto, Dattch claims to provide users a female version of the male dating app ‘Grindr‘ with its distance based social networking. However, with Dattch you are able to have more control with who you talk to e.g. the distance you would consider talking to another user from, and age range. It seems the apps developers have really focused on the ability to control who users want to connect with, with the apps motto fitting its purpose:

“Dattch is a lesbian dating app for women to date who they want, when they want, where they want.”

Aesthetically, the app has a nice interface. The app is photo focused (often resembling photo based sites like ‘Pinterest’) and it is simple to navigate.

So what did the team at Sqwears think?

Well for starts the app was hard to initially get onto. You are required to sign in using Facebook (eek) and for some reason both myself and another team member received the message ‘not enough information on your profile to sign up’… I’m not sure if that was a technical error that others have not encountered. When finally signed up the app was great and easy to use. Click ‘profiles’ and you can simply browse away. All in all the app has a hell of a lot of potential and its great layout/design is going to be key to its success.

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Rachel Newbolt

Rachel is a web media student from London, UK.