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Androgynous model Erika Linder breaks into the modelling industry with a bang

You may have seen her in Katy Perry’s new video ‘unconditional’ depicting an attractive couple miming the lyrics to the American singers ballad. The androgynous model is persieved by many YouTube commenters as a ‘hot guy’ who ‘looks like a young Leonardo Dicaprio’.
Born and raised in a small town just outside Stockholm in Sweden, 23 year old Erika Linder recently broke into the modelling industry giving the queer community some awesome representation.
She once said:

“I have too much imagination to just be one gender.”

She was discovered by an agent when she was 14 years old and 6 years later she finally took up the proposal.

Linders’ style is one that many members of the LGBTQ community can identify with from her androgynous style and hair cut to her rather Shane-from-the-l-word-esque physique, and according to the hype generated about her on micro blogging platform ‘Tumblr’, she is definately going to be one to watch for 2014.

Check out some of Linders looks below:

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Rachel Newbolt

Rachel is a web media student from London, UK.