Is Ethiopia Ready for Equal Rights

Are equal rights changing in a country so historically hostile towards homosexuals?


Gay Ethiopia
In Ethiopia being homosexual is still a crime punishable up to 15 years in prison. The Ethiopian government were planing to introduce a legislation to add being in a same sex relationship to a list of crimes ineligible for presidential pardon.

But is the Ethiopian government having a change of heart? Are they welcoming equal rights? The Presidential Pardon bill was dropped by the government as it was deemed unnecessary, and more critically the Ethiopian government cancelled an anti-gay demonstration that was to be held on 26th of April. A government spokesman was reported saying on homosexuality:

“It is not a serious crime”

Ethiopia has many economic and social problems and it is still classes as a developing country. We can only hope that the anti-gay punishment spreading through the country can be expunged. Hostility toward gays across Africa is very high with Uganda and Nigeria increasing their attempts to further demonise homosexuality, so what the Ethiopian government may be the first steps to a free Ethiopia for all.

Corby Taylor