An introduction to our favourite queer couples on YouTube

With YouTube Vloggers on the rise, we share with you our favourite YouTube couples

1. Rose and Rosie (RoseEllenDix)

Rose and Rosie are a couple from the quaint city of Worcester in England and boast a total of 183,000 viewers. Rightly so, as their on screen banter is absolutely hilarious. The channel began in 2011 starring just Rose but was completed when Rosie came on the scene in 2012. Not only are Rose and Rosie an adorable couple, they’re guaranteed to make you laugh so get watching!

2. Bria and Chrissy (BriaandChrissy)

Bria and Chrissy are born entertainers. Vlogging since 2011, the Atlanta couples videos are bound to make you laugh as they really get creative with their video concepts – Bria even sings! The couple say:

“We think of video topics randomly, often when we are getting ready for bed or out hiking…they just pop up. We quickly write them down, and then we have a couple pages of ideas.”

Check out their most popular video ’10 worst ways to come out’

3. Kaelyn and Lucy (kaelynandlucy)

kaelyn and lucy youtubersKaelyn and Lucy are adorable. They are a long distance couple (UK-USA) and post videos from a range of topics including: helpful advice for gay teens, YouTube tags and challenges and day in the life style vlogging of the precious time they get to spend together. They have rather a large and loyal fan base, all of whom support the couple and count down the time until they are reunited. Watch their videos if you’re after a feel good vibe.

4. Whitney and Megan a.k.a ‘Wegan’ (WhatWeganDidNext)
‘Wegan’ are a femme couple from Windsor, England. Whitney grew up in the US and was studying in Hawaii when Megan met her online… and the rest was history. The pair are activists for femme visibility in the media and are a great representation for the YouTube community. ‘Wegan’ show us all that not all lesbian couples are the stereotypical butch/femme. We definitely need more YouTubers like them representing the queer femme community! Their vlogs consist of life updates in the form of montages. Check out when Megan proposed to Whitney in Hawaii… adorable!

5. Kathrine and Aino (MoominPower)

kathrine and ainoLast but not least, Scottish Kathrine and Finnish Aino are a lesbian couple relatively new to the YouTube scene but have proved themselves to be quite the naturals. Kathrine and Aino met at University in Scotland and post videos about their daily lives, YouTube tags, YouTube challenges and more. The team at SQwears think they’re really sweet so go and check them out!

Rachel Newbolt

Rachel is a web media student from London, UK.

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