Lesbian Couple Thrown Out of KFC

A Local Lesbian Couple Were ‘Kicked Out’ From the Chains Restaurant in Bath, UK

kentucky fried chicken shop

As if we need more reasons to avoid fried chicken chain ‘KFC’ after its poor choice of farming methods and its treatment of animals. A lesbian couple from Bath in Somerset, UK reported being thrown out of the restaurant for ‘heavy petting’. The manager of the restaurant allegedly received several complaints from other customers about their ‘heavy petting’ and he was thus left with no choice but to ask them to leave.

Stephen Pope, father to one of the women involved in the incident expressed his frustration on Twitter saying:

“Dear @kfc the manager at your Bath, UK, store just kicked my daughter and her g/f out for being #gay. Is this one of your policies?”

A KFC spokesman said they were ‘very sorry for any offence caused’ and added:

“While we acknowledge that staff may have been over-zealous in asking the couple to leave, we do not believe that the decision had anything to do with their sexuality.”

As much as heavy petting can be off putting to some people with young children regardless of gender, I cannot imagine the same scenario happening with a straight couple. I feel that by actively getting up from eating your meal and complaining about a couple kissing in a public restaurant is closeted homophobia, something that was particularly clear to me after reading some of the comments left by readers on the Independents version of this news story.

Commenter ‘Ed Scott’ said:

“Their behaviour was unacceptable – this was in a restaurant, not in a gay club, where you & your sort should confine yourselves, away from normal people.”

I think this comment sums up why KFC’s choice to throw the girls out was wrong, it simply sends out the wrong message. People like ‘Ed Scott’ need to know that we have just as much a right to show our affections to our partners as our straight allies do, without being told to leave the premises.

What do you think about KFC’s choice? Were they justified? Let us know in the comments below.

Rachel Newbolt

Rachel is a web media student from London, UK.

  • Christina

    I have no problem with anyone kissing and cuddling.. but heavy petting as I understand it is making out in a sexual way, which no one should do as it is bound to offend. Why didnt the kfc boss just say “please could you adjust hour behaviour and GET A ROOM !” If he if he did throw them out then that was direct homophobia by what was most likely amale asian who live in the stone age … wonder if I am right!