Lesbian Fashion: Top Looks for Androgynous Girls

Lesbian fashion – trends beyond dungarees and buzz-cuts

For us androgynous girls, our freedom of expression via the clothes we wear is a big deal. Sourcing fashion inspiration without being drawn to the ‘mens’ section of every store or complaining about the terrible designs and fits in the ‘womens’ section is difficult. Lesbian fashion is unfortunately stereotyped as being absolutely terrible so we need to show the world that us queer ladies do have great style. Summer 2014 is right around the corner so here are a few outfit ideas for all you lovely androgynous girls out there.


Street Style

Street style has been the go-to fashion hunting trend of 2013-14 with big brands such as Vogue, Elle, ASOS, and Grazia writing about it. Fashion bloggers have hyped the trend last year sharing best street style at London, Copenhagen and Stockholm fashion week and undoubtedly will again this year. Current trends include oversized shirts, chunky boots, bold print, neon trainers and upturned jeans. Here are a few looks we loved:

queer street style


Dapper Girls
Its well known that us androgynous girls like to pop on a suit and tie and go for the dapper look. Incorporate the dapper look into your wardrobe this summer with light weight blazers paired with chino shorts. You’re bound to get heads turning.

dapper girl look



Grunge throw backs

If you have a Tumblr account then you’re bound to know about this trend. Fashion sites have been recently dominated by 90’s grunge throwback trends such as band tee’s, plaid shirts (usually ‘over sized’) worn open or tied around the waist with chunky boots, acid wash denim jackets and beanies. The great thing about this fashion trend is that its a universal look and can be pulled off by anybody, but remember, theres a fine line between ‘grunge’ and ‘Tumblr dickhead’ so don’t over-do it. Here are a few looks we’ve taken a shine to:

lgbt fashion


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Rachel Newbolt

Rachel is a web media student from London, UK.