Rainbow Cake Recipe With Video Tutorial

Gay pride is just around the corner, celebrate the day with a bit of good old fashioned baking

Could this cake get any gay-er? Watch our video tutorial to learn how to make it. The full list of ingredients are listed below.

gay pride cake recipe
For one rainbow cake (6 layers) you need:

– 450g Golden Caster Sugar
– 725g Plain Flour
– 375g Softened Butter
– 9 medium eggs
– 3 tsp baking powder
– 3 tsp vanilla essence
– 3 pinches of salt
– Food colouring (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple)
– 2 tubs of vanilla butter cream
– 2 bags of m&m’s for decorating

Preheat your oven to 160 degrees (fan assisted) then line and grease your sandwich tins.
Weigh out the butter and sugar then mix together until creamy. Add the eggs, one at at time whisking as you go. Then sieve in the flour and fold in with a wooden spoon. Add the salt, baking powder and vanilla essence and mix well.
Then separate the mix into 6 lots and add food colouring until you reach the colour of your preference. Bake cake layers two at a time on the same oven shelf for 12 minutes. Check your cake is done by sticking a fork in the centre – if it comes out clean then its cooked. When all cake layers are cooked, leave to cool for 20 minutes.

Line your cake stand (or plate) with butter cream. This will hold your cake in place. Sandwich each cake layer together with butter cream and then cover with buttercream, smoothing the top and the sides for a nice finish. Lastly, decorate to your preference! We used m&m’s to recreate the infamous gay pride flag. Enjoy!

Rachel Newbolt

Rachel is a web media student from London, UK.