A review on Gayvox: an intrusive and embarrassing app

Gayvox, are we all sex mad and crazy?

I believe that most of the people on the internet are familiar with ‘gay dating apps’ like Grindr, which now have sleazy reputations and are used by most gay men to ‘hook up’, rather then to chat and date.

Gayvox, Sex games

Promiscuous questions

In December 2013, a new “dating app” was released called Gayvox. Unlike Grindr, Gayvox caters for the gay, lesbian and bisexual communities. At first glance you may think ‘finally a nice friendly app we all can use’, but this is not the case.

Gayvox Profile

This is what your profile could look like, classy

Gayvox is intrusive and embarrassing. Within three minuets of signing up it asked me my “role”, giving me the options to choose whether I was a “Top”,”bottom” or “Versatile” in the bedroom. That kind of information seemed a little private and there is also no option for skipping this question. The next question was “relationship sought”, I was given the choice between Love, Friendship, Chat, Fantasies, Hook-up, Sex Games and finally just D. Bare in mind all and any information given will be visible on your profile to all of those who use the app. Gayvox then requires more information from it’s users and some of the details you can choose are: Gloryhole, Exhibitionism, Nipple Clamp, rimming, penetration and fetish.

In short I feel that the people who designed and developed Gayvox seem to believe the majority of the gay, lesbian and bisexual communities are sex mad and crazy. In short if you’re promiscuous then this is the app for you.

A promo video made by Gayvox, it dose not show the sleazy side of the app.

Corby Taylor