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SQwears Top Five LGBT Charity t-shirts


It’s always been fashionable to show support for your favourite sports team or fashion label by wearing their apparel. In recent years there has been a huge increase in support for LGBT charities through t-shirt sales. Whether it be through the t-shirt profits or through simply raising awareness, LGBT charity t-shirts have proved themselves very successful. Here are a few we like:

Some People Are Gay

Some People are Gay


Stonewall is a LGBT rights charity based in the United Kingdom. It’s aims are to advocate homosexuality in the media. The iconic ‘Some people are Gay, get over it’ slogan was advertised on London Buses in 2012-13 and sent out a powerful message about equality. This t-shirt is available at Stonewall for £12.50

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Pride

American Apparel

American Apparel teamed up with GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) a non-profit organisation that aims to change the perceived image of LGBT people in the media. The t-shirts aims are to raise awareness during LGBT Pride Month and 15% of the profits made from this t-shirt go straight to GLAAD. This t-shirt is available at American Apparel for $30

Principle 6 Flex Fleece Zip Hoodie


Principle 6 fleece


The Principle 6 Campaign was started by American Apparel with aims to “uphold the Olympic principle of inclusion and underscore that the Russia’s anti-LGBT discrimination is incompatible with the Olympic movement”.  If you believe that Russia should never have been able to hold the 2014 winter Olympics whilst treating its members of the LGBT community so inhumanly then show you support with this Hoodie.

You Can Play

You Can PlayThe You Can Play Project was created to promote equality and respect for all athletes regardless of their sexual orientation. The world of sports has historically been a hostile place for gays so this project is aiming to bring us one step closer to equality for all. If you’re a sports fan and believe all athletes in you favourite team should be treated equal then theres no better way to show your support than to buy this You Can Play hoodie which retails at around $30.

Closed Minds

Closed Minds

This Closed Minds t-shirt is designed by The L Project. The L Projects aims are to raise awareness about the effects of bullying and to give support to those who are suffering by raising money to help combat and eradicate bullying. This t-shirt is available at prettypinkpearlfor £20


Not only do these t-shirts support LGBT charities, they are also a key outfit piece – especially worn to events like Gay Pride. Here are a few outfit ideas from Lookbook users who are wearing LGBT charity t-shirts:

Justin T’s Gay Ok look

Justin is wearing American Apparels Gay Ok t-shirt in this look with a black snapback cap (similar to this New Era Maple Leaf snapback ) and  a checkered vest shirt (Hollister Capistrano Beach shirt).

Jessie Kuruc’s  Straight Against Hate Look

Jessies look definitely has a alternative/rock influence. She’s wearing the infamous American Apparel Lagalize Gay Prop 8 campaign t-shirt (if you want to know more about American Apparel’s Campaign click here). Jessie has chosen a pair of Vintage High Waisted Shorts from Urban Outfitters and some leopard print tights like these Jonathan Aston Wild tights from

Do you have any LGBT Charity t-shirts? Show us your looks in the comments below.

Corby Taylor