Stripes – a Wardrobe Essential

SQwears Explore The Timeless Nautical Look

If you’re from London or any other major UK city you’ve probably noticed this timeless fashion trend popping up every once in a while. It’s worn by many, especially among those who like androgynous fashion. The timeless trend is of course striped shirts, mainly those with horizontal stripes in the black/blue/grey colour pallet. The Nautical style and colour pallet is clean and refreshing – and I can not help but be reminded of the classy and prestigious French Riviera.

The trend was invented in France in the 1920’s and peaked again in the 1960’s with Andy Warhols’ classic attire and again in the 1980’s with Madonnas iconic look.madonna in stripes
From late 2009 to the present day, this look has yet again spiked. Stripes are best worn with dark/neutral coloured layers on top, but the most important aspect about this look is that it is fashionable across genders, which is great for those who want to present as queer and/or androgynous.

Lookbook Finds

Veronika B’s Look:

Veronika bought her striped shirt from H&M

Tato Prado’s Look:

Tato Prados shirt is from a thrift store.

Lisa Carreiro’s Look

Lisa Got her striped shirt from Hollister and her beanie from Forever 21

Alex Matei’s Look

Alex got his striped shirt from designer store kronstadt, his jacket from Bershka and his jeans from H&M

UK Shopping

If you’re a fan of UK highstreet stores, then check out some of the following we have spotted:

This classic River Island navy blue crew neck t-shirt with rolled sleeves is available for just £14 – but hurry, it’s limited edition.

River Island Striped t-shirt

Here’s another crew neck t-shirt with a single red stripe, available at ASOS for £12
ASOS Striped Teeshirt with Red Srtip

Again, a simple mono-chrome t-shirt with jersey-type long sleeves from Topshop £18

Monochrome Topshop Teeshirt

So there you have it, stripes have proved themselves as a timeless look and definitely a wardrobe essential for the LGBTQ community. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

Corby Taylor